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Sheldon Lefkowitz

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The Mathematics Department at Chaminade High School is committed to the belief that students should learn to appreciate and enjoy both the importance and the beauty of mathematics.

Through instruction and practice, students should understand the relationship and patterns of arithmetical operations. Skills in computation, problem solving, and abstract thinking, coupled with an exposure to real life situations are of the utmost importance in order to develop a positive productive attitude about mathematics.


Mathematics Curriculum (pdf)

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Mr.  Michael  Buck   818-347-8300  
Mr.  Kerry  Burns     818-347-8300  
Mr.  Bernie  Chin   818-347-8300  
Mr.  Kevin  Davy     818-347-8300  
Mrs.  Jamie  Di Bene-Gorger   818-347-8300  
Mrs.  Jamie  Di-Bene-Gorger       818-347-8300  
Mrs.  Susan  Garcia     818-347-8300  
Mr.  Danny  Hamm   818-347-8300  
Ms.  Lilianna  Haro-Fausto   818-347-8300  
Mrs.  Monica  Mirras 818-347-8300  
Mr.  Kyle  Wilkerson   818-347-8300